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Top Lite™ installation is easy!

These steps will show you how to install the batteries, test the light and adjust the on/off angle if needed.

To see the installation procedure
for sidebags, click here

Step 1: Remove one screw from each side.


Step 2: Separate the housing halves by pulling the base straight up away from the top.


Step 3: Install 3 AAA batteries (not included) in Top Lite™ battery holder. Be sure to observe battery polarity as marked inside the battery holder.


Step 4: Turn the manual switch to "On" or "1".

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Step 5: Test the on/off angle by starting with the unit flat as if it were stuck to the underside of your trunk lid and the lid were closed. The light should be off here.

Step 6: Rotate the light as shown here. As the angle increases, the light will come on at some point. Rotate the light back and forth a few times to see where it comes on at .

Step 7: (No picture) Take the light out to your motorcycle and open the trunk. With the lid open, hold the light in position to see that the light illuminates the area you wish. >> Step 8: (No picture) When you have a spot marked where you want to stick the Top Lite™, clean the area on the trunk lid with rubbing alcohol. Let dry.
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Step 9: Peel the backing off the mounting tape.


Step 10: Carefully place the Top Lite™ where you want it. The tape is very sticky, so get it where you want it. If you get it crooked, you have a few minutes before the adhesive really starts to stick, just peel the unit away from the surface slowly. Tthis particular adhesive actually gets stronger as time goes by, so don't wait to make changes.

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Step 11: Test the on/off auto switch point with the light on, in a dark garage or at night. If you don't like where the on/off switch point is, you can change it. Read on...  
How to adjust the on and off switching point  

Step 1: (No picture) If you need or want to adjust the angle that the light automatically goes on or off, start by removing the screws from the sides of the Top Lite™.

The base should stay adhered to the inside of your sidebag lid while this part comes off.

Step 2: In this photo, the screwdriver is pointing to the tilt sensitive switch. This is the part you will move to change the on/off switching angle.

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Step 3: The tilt sensitive switch is highlighted in yellow lines on the photo to the right. To adjust the on/off angle, pivot the small end on the bottom of this switch back and forth, left to right. You can use your fingers to do this, it is very easy.

As you change the position a little, turn on the manual switch and test where the new on/off switch point is at.

Experiment until you get it where you want it, then put the top back on the base, which is still on your trunk lid, and you're done!


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To see the installation procedure
for saddlebags, click here
To see a 5 minute video about the Top Lite™ for your trunk bag, including operating and installation tips,
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IInstallation and adjustment for trunk or top bag Top Lite™