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Top Lite™ product details

Part Number 300225

Bottom side with mounting tape

This Top Lite™ model mounts to the inside wall of your sidebag using the provided double sided adhesive foam tape. Since the lid of these bags open off to the side, or even come off the bike completely, there is no tilt sensitive switch on this model. Instead, you will use the manual switch on the side of the case to turn the light on and off.


Part Number 300225 Specifications

Four bright LED lamps

Manual on/off rocker switch on the side of the housing.

Uses three AAA batteries (Not included)

Battery life: About 24 hours continuous operation. About 6 months or more in normal operation.

Mounting: Uses 2"x3" pad of 3M industrial grade foam tape with adhesive on each side. Pre-applied to base of light. Rated to maintain full strength to 220 degrees.

Housing: All steel, two piece case. Top is textured black. Base is galvanized.

Top Lite™ installed in a Harley Davidson sidebag. Mounting is the same for a Honda Goldwing 1100 or 1200 series, or any side bag with a lift away style lid.


Above: In some drop open side bags on bikes such as this Buell, use light PN 300225 and mount to the top inside wall of the bag. Some sidebags have lid organizers or straps on the lid that may interfere with light distribution. That is why we recommend this Top Lite™ model on this type of bag.

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