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About Us

The Top Lite™is a product from Redline Technical Group, Inc. of Mesa, Arizona.

As avid motorcyclists ourselves, we always found ourselves in campgrounds or poorly lit motel parking lots, digging through our motorcycle luggage for gear, usually with a flashlight in the mouth.

We tried other methods of lighting our luggage, but found that nothing worked well for our needs.

Some products were cheap plastic and broke too easily. Others required wiring into the electrical system and didn't provide automatic shutoff, resulting in battery drain on the bike.

After playing with a few designs, the Top Lite™ was born. We've been using them since 2006, and now we offer them to you.



Canadian Provinces visited by motorcycle..so far

U.S. States visited by motorcycle..so far

The Top Lite™ is a product of
Redline Technical Group, Inc.

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Out on the road near Tucson AZ

Most of our trips involve some night activity!

The happy travellers!

Coach, after the night activity.