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The intense LED lamps provide plenty of light, and are battery powered so no wiring or hook-up is required.

Installation is easy! Just peel and stick!

We supply the Top Lite™ for your lower trunk with automotive grade, double sided foam tape attached to the base. This allows you to mount the light on the door of the trunk. No drilling!

Requires 3 AAA batteries for operation. (Not included in package.)


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You can then choose a Top Lite™ for your top trunk or your lower trunk.

Want more info on a Top Lite™ for your top trunk? Click Here. .

Top Lite™ for trikes with drop open cargo doors

This bright light will help you find your gear when you pull in after dark!

Easy Installation in 5 minutes!
- No Drilling
- No Wiring

Self contained battery power means your M/C battery won't be stressed!

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