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This bright light will help you find your gear when you pull in after dark!

Easy Installation in 5 minutes!
- No Drilling
- No Wiring

Self contained battery power means your M/C battery won't be stressed!

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The intense LED lamps provide plenty of light, and are battery powered so no wiring or hook-up is required.

Installation is easy! Just peel and stick!

We supply the Top Lite™ for your lower trunk with Velcro® style hook tape attached to the base. This allows you to mount the light on the carpet of the trunk. No drilling!

The Top Lite™ for lift to open lower trunks has a manual on/off switch on the side for easy access.

Requires 3 AAA batteries for operation. (Not included in package.)

Lift open style lower trunk shown


Another photo of the Top Lite™ inside a trike lower trunk.

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