Top Lite for trunk or top bag

Top Lite for side opening sidebags

Top Lite for top opening sidebags

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Top Lite™ for your sidebags or saddlebags.

Choose which style of bag you have below for more details.

Above: Typical side open application

Side open or drop open style sidebags

Many motorcycles come with side open, or drop open sidebags.

Some examples include Honda 1500 & 1800 Goldwings, Honda ST bikes, Yamaha FJ sport tourers and Kawasaki Concourse models, several BMW models and some aftermarket bags.

For this style sidebag, the Top Lite™ mounts on the lid of the bag and automatically turns on or off depending on the position of the bag lid.

As with all Top Lite™ models, this one is easy to install without wiring or other hassles.


Above: Typical top open sidebag application

Top open style sidebags

Most Harley Davidson touring bikes or baggers come with top open style saddlebags such as the example shown above.

Other bikes having this style sidebag are the earlier 1100 &1200 Goldwings, BMW adventure bikes, and some aftermarket style bags or panniers.

For this style sidebag, the Top Lite™ mounts on the inside wall of the bag and is manually turned on or off using the manual power switch. No tilt activation is needed since the bag lids are off to one side or separated from the bike.


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