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Top Lite™ for your side open style sidebags or saddlebags.


Above: Typical side open application

Top Lite™ Features



No more digging through your sidedbags in the dark with the Top Lite™ installed!

The bright LED lights fill the compartment with enough light to find what you need. No more holding the flashlight in your mouth to find your stuff!


Note: Flash video player required to see clip.
Watch light go on and off in bag lid.

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Our low profile, all steel case is less than 1 inch thick so it won't take up all your storage space!

Case size: 2 1/2" x 3" x 3/4"

Plus, the impact resistant steel case won't break apart like a cheap plastic light does when you pack your saddlebag!

Our foam mounting tape is industrial grade 3M double adhesive foam rated to 200 degrees F. This stuff won't let go!

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